Hybridlight Solar Power LED Flashlights


All Hybridlight products are continuously trickle charged while exposed to any light source. For best charging results, direct the solar panel towards your source of light. All Hybridlight products have a rapid charging option using the micro USB port. A 120V AC wall plug is provided on the Mammoth.



Our products can charge mobile devices at the same rate as other 5V output power sources (AC wall plug, computer USB, 12V car socket, and or power bank). Charging times vary depending on the brand and size of the battery in your mobile device. The circuitry in our products have a built in fail-safe system that shuts off the charging of a mobile device once the Hybridlight product battery drops below 20% capacity. This allows the user to still have energy in the battery in order to use the light. The top indicator light flashes red slowly when the rechargeable lithium battery is below the 20% capacity.